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Perth Sterling Revitalization

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The revitalization plan for Perth Avenue – Sterling Road (158, 164, 181, and 200 Sterling Road) was approved on May 27, 2014. You can access the most recent information about the site from the Lower Jct. newsletter.

“I am pleased to join the community in celebrating the incredible neighbourhood revitalization at 158 Sterling – a project which will bring new residents, new businesses, new jobs and new services to our community.

I welcome residents to learn more about the many great benefits of this project – including a new park, childcare centre and affordable housing.”

- Councillor Ana Bailao

Sterling Road Revitalization Plan

Over the last 6 years, Castlepoint Numa has worked towards revitalizing and transforming its approximately 8-acre site into a mixed-use community. The plan will support approximately 565 000 square feet of new employment opportunities, including new office, retail, cultural, and commercial spaces and 540 000 square feet of new residential, supporting a range of different housing types and tenures, and over an acre of new parks and open spaces throughout the site.


The Tower Automotive Building, a heritage designated c.1919 industrial building, will be restored and preserved. Once restored the building will support new commercial and office uses target towards the arts and digital media sectors, and will remain the tallest and most prominent building through the entire project.

With Castlepoint Numa leading site redevelopment, its partner RioTinto Alcan continues its environmental stewardship responsibilities by remediating contamination related to its historical operations on the site. A comprehensive and state of the art soil remediation program across the site began a few years ago and will be completed by the end of this year.

The Revitalization Plan promotes opportunities for people to live and work all within walking distance of two subway stations, two streetcar lines, a GO station, the new Union- Pearson Express rail connection to the airport, and the West Toronto Rail Path, a multi-use trail along the rail corridor.

With support from local residents, the business community, in particular Nestlé Canada, Councillor Bailão and City staff , City Council adopted the Perth Avenue–Sterling Road Revitalization Plan at its May 6 and 7th City Council Meeting. The Ontario Municipal Board formally approved the project on May 27, 2014. Although the project was before the Ontario Municipal Board, Castlepoint Numa, South Perth & Sterling Road Residents Association, Church of the First Born, Nestlé Canada, and Councillor Bailao’s office and City Staff worked collaboratively to realize the vision for the site and the neighbourhood. Castlepoint Numa is excited to begin the next stages of the project, which includes detailed design of the buildings and the continued restoration of the heritage building. We look forward to continuing to work with the Perth-Sterling community! Learn more here: Perth Sterling Newsletter

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