Junction Triangle Community Projects

The Perth Avenue bike path ribbon cutting event held in June 2012 was integrated into a larger community celebration of the West Toronto Rail Path and the promotion of cycling opportunities in the South Junction Triangle neighbourhood.

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On September 30th, 2012, Castlepoint  Numa sponsored the first annual Rail Path Community Run on the West Toronto Rail Path. The West Toronto Rail Path is a multi-use trail that currently runs 2 km from Dundas Street West to Caribou Avenue. The Perth Avenue-Sterling Road Revitalization area fronts directly onto the path. There are plans to expand the active bicycle/walking trail to Downtown Toronto.

The Sterling Cinema Al Fresco was a summer event hosted by Castlepoint Numa, involving a series of outdoor screenings free to the public during the warm summer weekends.

“Castlepoint came to us several years ago with an opportunity to improve our community. They listened and the Church fully supports their plan”  - Pastor Miller, Church of the First Born, 72 Perth Avenue

“Friends of West Toronto Rail Path supports mixed-use development for the Castlepoint lands in principal as this use is more compatible with the Rail Path than “employment only” zoning. Mixed-use development would create more West Toronto Rail Path use at all hours, have more eyes on the path for safety, and create opportunities to connect to the larger community” – Scott Dobson, Friends of West Toronto Rail Path

Find out more about the Perth Avenue – Sterling Road Revitalization Plan here.

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